AudioWorks Recording
About us

In the studio, we record to analog or 24-bit digital format with a custom built Allen & Heath large format desk.  Hand built using discrete components with silver traces boards for clean and transparent audio quality that no “off the shelf” mixer can match.  Along with an extensive microphone collection with over 30 mics by Shure, EV, Audio Technica, Octavia, Rode, Fostex, and stereo and mono ribbon mics.  Your high-resolution recording will sparkle long before the mix starts.  Tube guitar amps, digital modeling, acoustic imaging and a rack full of effects all add to your creative choices.  We can even mix in surround sound.  Call us for an appointment 719-275-0373.

On location recording allows you to capture a performance for others to enjoy.  24 tracks of high-resolution audio, 36 channels of mic preamps, a Soundcraft mixer, along with a locker full of microphones and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind listening experience.  Call and discuss your next live project.  719-275-0373